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Saturday Quickies: Beat Mississippi State Edition

The Cats travel to Starkville to take on the Dawgs and Cal is out on one of his main targets.

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NCAA Football: Kansas State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning Big Blue Nation! It’s redemption time as the Kentucky Wildcats look to move past their crushing loss to the Florida Gators last Saturday.

In order to do that, they will travel to Starkville to face off against the Mississippi Bulldog. They’re stinging after their own home loss against the Kansas State Wildcats last week.

These Bulldogs aren’t the same as previous teams that we’ve seen from Mississippi State. They aren’t very physical and their offensive/defensive lines aren’t very good.

The Cats can still have a special season but they have to win today to keep that dream alive.

Tweets of the Day

I was in that mass of humanity. Totally worth it for Foo Fighters!

Such a clean look.

Swept em right out of the gym!

Get after it!


Kentucky out on Josh Christopher | Cats Pause- Hopefully Terrence Clarke is as good as the hype because landing him cost two recruits for John Calipari. But if Cal is rolling with it, then so am I.

SEC Week 4 bold predictions | Saturdays Down South- The folks at SDS are predicting a big day for Lynn Bowden:

Kentucky had a tough loss to Florida last week and now goes to Starkville, where the Wildcats last won in 2008. Kentucky has to do a better job of capitalizing on their offensive opportunities, and Lynn Bowden will have a key role on that front. Look for Bowden to break out with 100 yards between receiving and rushing totals (several Wildcat-formation runs in there), and also to deliver a big special teams play, which will be the difference in a hard-fought game. Kylin Hill will be outstanding for MSU, but special teams provide the difference.

Cats first road trip is in cowbell country | UK Athletics- This will be the first of two straight road games for the Cats. Would love to start this off with a bang.

Week 4 SEC picks | CBS- The Bulldogs are -6 at home but the move here is Kentucky and I concur.

Antonio Brown cut by the Patriots | ESPN- When the Patriots turn their back on you before your time is up then it’s probably the end of your NFL career. And good riddance to Antonio Brown who may prove to be the worst in a long list of diva wide receivers.

Kansas set to receive notice of allegations from NCAA | Washington Post- Things have been shady in Lawrence for a while and Bill Self’s buddy media has largely ignored it. The NCAA hasn’t and the word on the street is the NOA will include some MAJOR infractions. Uh oh.

Georgia/Notre Dame tops huge weekend for college football | USA Today- While the Dawgs vs. the Irish is getting all of the pub, it’s a loaded slate in college football today.

Tom Delonge leaked the UFO footage, confirms the Navy | Mashable- The former lead guitarist for Blink 182 has become more famous for his UFO intel than his rock chops. Earlier this week the Navy confirmed the existence of certain UFO phenomena and now they confirmed that the footage of these flying machines was not supposed to be released to the public but Delonge went ahead and did it anyway. NICE.