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Kansas getting NOA for “major violations” from NCAA, per report

Hate to see it.

Northeastern v Kansas Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It looks like the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program is about to get dinged by the NCAA.

According to the Kansas City Star, the NCAA is about to issue a notice of allegations to Kansas program that will detail “multiple major violations.”

The notice will come, sources told The Star, after a summer of speculation following a top NCAA official saying the organization would make findings against schools involved in a pay-for-play recruiting scheme investigated by the FBI.

I’m still in the ‘believe it when I see it’ camp when it comes to punishing a blue blood like Kansas, but this report certainly doesn’t sound good for the Jayhawks. There have been a myriad of issues that have surfaced over the last year in terms of recruiting infractions committed by the university.

The biggest is Kansas being linked to the FBI’s investigation into a pay-for-play scheme. Former Adidas employee T.J. Gassnola testified last year that he made payments on behalf of the shoe company to the mother of former Jayhawk Billy Preston and the guardian fo Silvio De Sousa.

Preston never played a game for Kansas, while De Sousa was suspended for the entire 2018-19 season. However, he played extensively in the previous season, including every postseason game en route to a Final Four berth.

My guess is that banner coming down is probably the harshest punishment Kansas will get, but a postseason ban is not out of the question, and head coach Bill Self may also get suspended for a certain amount of games.

Be sure to read the full report.