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Evan Daniels says don’t count out UK for Greg Brown

Daniels also gave an update on Makur Maker.

Nike/Jon Lopez and FIBA

The Kentucky Wildcats are in good position for another top-three recruiting class in 2020. However, getting someone the caliber of Makur Maker Greg Brown could help ensure it’s ranked No. 1 when it’s all said and done.

247 Sports’ Evan Daniels covered a lot of topics on his #AskEvan Article on Friday, including the recruitments of some of 2020’s highest profile players. Kentucky big man targets Greg Brown and Makur Maker are all still up for grabs, and Daniels answered questions about them.

Maker could be eyeing the professional route rather than college according to reports. Professional teams have been in contact, but college is still an option as well. Even so, Daniels said he leans toward overseas being the pick for Maker.

Greg Brown is going to wait until the spring to make his decision, which gives John Calipari plenty of time to make up any ground between the the Wildcats and the Texas Longhorns, who are seen as the leaders.

“Texas is close to home, so they have some built in advantages, but I wouldn’t count Kentucky out either,” said Daniels. Kentucky has recruited well in the Lone Star State, so we’ll all just have to see how much closer Kentucky can get over the next few months.”

It’s good to see Kentucky has a real shot at Brown, as many wondered if John Calipari had any hope in this since he’s jumping in the recruitment late and Brown has so many ties to the University of Texas. But since Brown won’t decide this fall, that gives Calipari several months to build a relationship and have a shot when the spring signing period comes around.

Be sure to read Daniels’ full article for additional insight on the recruitments of Jalen Green, Josh Christopher and Isaiah Todd.