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Video shows Kash Daniel clearly twisting ankle of Kyle Trask

Not good.

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Amid ankle-gate — the larger-than-you-would-think conspiracy over whether Kash Daniel intentionally twisted Florida QB Kyle Trask’s ankle during Saturday’s game — updated footage has been released, and it doesn’t look good, folks.

Here’s the clip:

And here is Kash pontificating on his innocence yesterday afternoon:

I should tread these quasi-court (innocent until proven guilty!) waters very, VERY carefully, but Kash is twisting Kyle Trask’s foot. He’s guilty. It’s clear, it’s intentional, it’s flagrant, and it definitely isn’t what he claimed in his response—that “his hand was stuck underneath a lineman’s leg.”

It’s downright dirty. And the newly discovered sideline angle blows his excuse out of the water; an excuse he crafted carefully, I’m sure, based on the original, and less clear, overhead angle.

Kash’s hand may have been stuck under a lineman’s leg, sure, but he clearly grabs Trask’s ankle and tried to spin it like a top. I’ve watched the updated footage non-stop, and Kash clearly twists that foot.

I know he’s our guy and he’s from Paintsville who talks with a ‘Tucky twang, dips and imitates pro wrestlers after snapping the Florida streak, but this behavior is entirely over the line. He tried to injure another college football player, intentionally. There needs to be some sort of punishment from Mark Stoops to show this cannot be tolerated.

It’s such a frustrating story for Kentucky fans to follow. We want to love our players and promote everything about them, but this is simply unacceptable at every level of football.