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ESPN 680 Postgame Show Podcast: Kentucky vs. Florida Edition

Callers vent their frustrations as the Cats suffer defeat against Florida.

NCAA Football: Florida at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

OK, it took me a while to put this up. Yesterday, I spent my time off of social media and off of UK related websites. The Kentucky Wildcats losing to the Florida Gators took that much out of me. I was that disappointed.

I listened to this show, and I’m blown away at how angry I was and at how angry (and hilarious) some of the callers were. It truly was a night to vent for BBN.

Listen and tell me whether or not you agree with my views that the coaches for the most part are to blame for blowing a 21-10 lead. 19-0 in the fourth quarter favoring Florida with a backup QB.

It’s not acceptable if Mark Stoops wants the nation to believe this program has taken the next step.

Maybe I was too harsh. But I don’t think so.

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