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WATCH: Ahmad Wagner makes AMAZING catch

Watch it here, then on the Sports Center Top 10

Ahmad Wagner makes an amazing catch for the Kentucky Wildcats against the Florida Gators.
Brandon Turner/ @unsungheromedia

After a frustrating and somewhat demoralizing first quarter, Kentucky started off the second with a bang. On third down with the ball just inside the 30 yard line, Sawyer Smith threw a ball up to Ahmad Wagner in the end zone and he came down with an amazing circus catch for the touchdown.

After the pass was well-defended and missed the first time around, Wagner was able to keep his focus and get his hand under the ball as he hit the ground. This was Wagner’s second catch of the game, and his eighth of the season. He has also drawn 7 (!) pass interference penalties on the year.

Sawyer Smith started the game a perfect 9 for 9 for 119 yards with the touchdown to Wagner. He looked composed, confident, and ready to lead this team throughout the first half. If he continues to be THIS guy, the Kentucky Wildcats are in good hands for the remainder of the season.