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Gilbert Arenas claims to know 2 former Duke players that were paid

Arenas thinks it’s crazy recruits would pick Duke over Kentucky.

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Gilbert Arenas is no stranger to controversy stirring in the basketball world. I mean, he did bring a weapon into the locker room one time.

But now, Arenas is claiming to know of two former Duke Blue Devils players that were paid to commit and play for Duke, over Kentucky nonetheless.

Arenas commented this on Stephen A. Smith’s Instagram post:

He also claims that these players were at Duke within the past five years.

Now, obviously, these are nothing but allegations that Arenas is saying and Duke was not originally one of the schools named in the college basketball scandal, it’s hard to see anything of value coming from these claims.

This could all be solved, however, if the NCAA would just pay the damn players or let them use their name and likeness. That way, there would be none of these scandals.

That being said, Gilbert, please tell us some names, if you’re being for real.