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Lynn Bowden leaves game briefly with cramps

Scare avoided.

Bowden Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Just as Kentucky was taking their first lead of the 2019 football season, junior wide receiver Lynn Bowden was heading to the locker room.

Bowden had a difficult catch on the sideline in the early third quarter, although he was ruled out of bounds. The drive resulted in a field goal for the Wildcats to take a 17-14 lead.

After Kentucky held Toledo to a three-and-out, Josh Ali was the guy that set up to receive the punt and Bowden was nowhere to be seen. While there was no obvious injury to Bowden and he did not have to be helped off the field, being in locker room during the game certainly means something is going on.

Thankfully, it turned out to just be cramping, and he returned to the game late in the third quarter once the Wildcats had taken a 24-14 lead. On the radio broadcast, Dick Gabriel noted that Bowden was likely receiving fluids via IV while he was out of the game.