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Terrence Clarke laughs off ridiculous Duke writer; gives update on reclassification

Clarke isn’t in any hurry to decide if he’ll be part of the 2020 class.

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In case you missed it, Terrence Clarke just announced his final six and set a decision date for Sept. 14.

The schools still in the running for Rivals’ No. 2 overall recruit in 2021 are Kentucky, Boston College, Duke, Memphis, Texas Tech and UCLA.

However, it’s been the Wildcats who’ve gotten all of the buzz lately, including a pair of predictions today from Rivals analysts David Sisk and Eric Bossi.

And while opposing schools may worry anytime Duke shows up on a list, even some of their top recruiting analysts — including Andrew Slater from 247 Sports — are picking Kentucky to win this battle.

Oh, and Duke hasn’t even offered a scholarship yet. With Clarke set to commit in two weeks, you would think they already would have offered if they felt they had a shot in this recruitment.

But that didn’t stop one Duke writer from spewing some flaming hot takes. Over at Ball Durham, Matt Giles just penned a rather interesting piece about how Duke will get Clarke if they just offer him a scholarship. Giles has also penned previous hits like Coach Cal is afraid of recruiting Duke targets (Kevin Knox and EJ Montgomery say hi).

I’ll let you take a gander his latest:

First, I wasn’t aware the term ‘ROFL’ was used by people who weren’t in high school. But to each his own.

Second, while Duke has won a lot of recruiting battles with Kentucky recently, the Wildcats still finished with the higher-ranked 2019 class, so it’s not like the Blue Devils are recruiting circles around John Calipari.

Finally, and most importantly, suggesting Clarke was desperate for a Duke offer was just an unnecessary shot at a kid who’s still a junior in high school (even if he does eventually reclassify).

But don’t worry. Clarke actually found it quite humorous.

Anyway, in more relevant news, Clarke actually gave an update on his potential reclassification, a decision that won’t be made until next spring at the earliest.

Because Clarke is a true junior, he has to get four years of academic work completed in three years, so he’s going to be very busy this fall and into the spring. But even if he were to remain in 2021, getting a commitment from him would still be a massive pickup for Kentucky.

Clarke would be ‘the’ guy in either class, so just getting his pledge will be a game-changer for whoever lands him on Sept. 14.

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