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Xavier Peters and Mark Stoops speak on impending eligibility ruling by NCAA

But will the NCAA rear its ugly head?


Former Florida State linebacker Xavier Peters made the transfer from the Seminoles to the Kentucky Wildcats earlier this year, marking a huge pickup for the Kentucky program.

However, Peters is still unsure if he’ll be immediately eligible to play this season.

Peters spoke at UK Media Day, saying “It’s pretty difficult but it was worth it coming back for my son. I just turned in my letter yesterday, so hopefully I can get my results back from the NCAA two weeks from now.”

Peters is still practicing at full-speed however, preparing for the first game against Toledo as if he will be eligible. But, Peters did acknowledge that the NCAA is inconsistent in its transfer rules:

“It’s an iffy thing. It’s most likely for me because it’s my kid, not like a death in the family or just me being a spoiled butt. It’s worth the wait. It was all worth coming back for my son.”

Peters full acknowledges that his reason for transferring was to be closer to his son. Peters, from Cincinnati, said that the 80 mile distance between Lexington and Cincy is perfectly fine with him, as it’s a drivable distance to where he can visit his son.

When asked about Peters’ status, head coach Mark Stoops was unable to provide much of an update himself.

“I really don’t. I’m unsure. We had to do quite a bit of legwork to get everything updated, all the information we needed for the appeal. I don’t know when that will happen. We’ll just continue to work with him like anybody else. I mean, obviously he can’t take first team reps right now till we figure that out.”

Stoops did talk about Peters’ ability and potential to make an impact as soon as this year in UK’s defense.

“Again, he’s a physical guy. He’s got all the talent. He’s got the ability to be a pass-rusher. He’s good on his feet. He can do a lot of things. He’s really what you’re looking for as your prototypical outside linebacker. Whenever that time comes, we’ll be ready to go. I don’t know when that will happen. To us, he’s just like a freshman. It’s unknown. We know physically he has all the ability. We’re excited to work with him.”

Will Xavier Peters be cleared?

Who knows. The NCAA has proven themselves to be very inconsistent and seemingly biased towards players transferring to big name programs because they couldn’t win the starting job at their previous school (Justin Fields, transfer to Ohio State, and Tate Martell, transfer to Miami) but have been cracking down hard on players transferring to smaller power five conference schools for legitimate reasons (such as Illinois tight end Luke Ford, who transferred from Georgia to Illinois to be closer to his ill grandfather, but was denied because his grandfather is outside of the 100 mile radius of Illinois’ campus.)

Here’s hoping the NCAA makes a logical decision and allows Peters to play.