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Possible UK recruit Mady Sissoko injured in ATV accident on recruiting visit

This is bad for everyone involved.


Mady Sissoko is one of the fastest rising prospects in the 2020 class, and he has drawn recent interest from the Kentucky Wildcats.

But on a recent visit to BYU, the Utah native suffered a major hand injury.

“It was just unfortunate that we went on this activity,” Mike Clayton, Sissoko’s guardian, told the Salt Lake Tribune. “In hindsight, you are thinking, ‘why did we do that?’ Now, we will just move forward. He is still going to have a successful collegiate career. Luckily, it is in the summer and he still has a year of high school left and we believe he will recover completely.”

Sissoko was riding a razor ATV alongside BYU players and coaches at an excursion on a recruiting visit last Friday, when an unidentified player currently on BYU’s roster. The vehicle was flipping on its side, and Sissoko extended his arm to brace for impact and fractured his hand. It seems he could be out for the entire high school season.

Sissoko is the No. 42 player and No. 9 center in the 2020 class, according to the 247 Sports composite rankings. The 6-9 big man is a behemoth to handle underneath the basket, and he already holds scholarship offers from BYU, Michigan State, Arizona, Auburn, and UCLA.

UK had also begun to show interest in him, but who knows how much this injury will affect that.

“There is no tendon or nerve damage or anything,” Clayton added. “It is all bone. Bones heal, and they heal quickly and strongly. It is going to be a little bit of rehab during these next few months so he can get back and play like he was before.”

Since Sissoko is still a recruit, BYU could not publicly comment on the matter. However, this is not a good look. Why on earth would you be putting your players, let alone recruits, in such a dangerous situation leading up to the season?

Hopefully, this does not set Sissoko’s development back too much, as he has the build and athleticism to be a heck of a player.

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