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Grant Williams says Kentucky would win “Team of the Decade” bracket

Tennessee fans are not going to be happy with this, but it’s the truth.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

There are very few players in the last few years that have been as big of a thorn in Kentucky’s side as Tennessee’s Grant Williams.

Whether he was going off for a big game or making a fool of himself flopping all over the floor, he drew the ire of Wildcats fans every time he took the floor. Is there anything he can do to earn back their respect? It sure seems like he is trying.

Williams, now of the Boston Celtics, recently gave an interview to Andy Katz of Of course, they spent nearly half of the eight minute interview discussing Katz’s “Team of the Decade” bracket that he made to pass the time this summer.

Their conversations about match-ups between players from different seasons was actually a lot of fun. And while you may not agree with everything that Williams says in the video, his final comments on the overall winner of this hypothetical tournament are pretty spot on.

He said, “Vol Nation’s gonna hate me, but #BBN’s gonna win this… but everyone else, we gotta win.”

He went on to list Kentucky’s stacked roster, which includes John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Devin Booker, Anthony Davis, and Karl-Anthony Towns. On a side note, there is no way that college Devin Booker starts over college Jamal Murray, Malik Monk, or probably even Eric Bledsoe. However, the Wildcats’ roster with any of those guys would likely be the favorite to win this entire tournament.

I seriously doubt Williams is trying to score any points. This seems like more of a “game recognize game” situation. So he does deserve some credit for putting reality above his fan base.