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The Kentucky basketball team got JACKED this offseason

I mean, just look at Nate Sestina.


With a new team, we always get the annual summer workout pic of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team around this time of the year, mainly because it’s when summer workouts end and school is right around the corner.

However, the pictures released of the 2019-20 Cats last night is looking like a scary sight for the rest of the nation:

That team is freaking ripped beyond belief, and here I was thinking I was making some gains this summer.

A couple thoughts:

  • Ashton Hagans is looking like a monster
  • EJ and Nick look like they could wreak havoc in the paint on the rest of the SEC
  • Nate Sestina should be playing football as well. Seriously, he’s got the body of an SEC linebacker
  • Keion Brooks is slouching down and is still as tall as Nate Sestina, so he must be about 6’9” or 6’10”
  • We need Brad Calipari for these photos

I like my team.