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NCAA resumes investigation into Louisville Basketball

It seems like there is no end in sight.

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 29 Div I Women’s Championship - Third Round - Arizona State v Mississippi State

The NCAA has resumed its investigation into the Louisville Cardinals basketball program and the recruitment of former Cards commit Brian Bowen, according to WDRB.

On Tuesday, NCAA associate director of enforcement, Nate Leffler, former Louisville assistant Kenny Johnson, Christian Dawkins, and a “former businessman” about the recruitment of Bowen and the alleged violations that took place.

Brian Bowen was the recruit whose father, Brian Bowen Sr., was alleged to have been paid around $100,00 by Adidas for Bowen Jr. to commit to Louisville. Bowen Jr’s. parents were living in the Galt House in downtown Louisville, and was having their rent paid for by assistant Kenny Johnson.

Bowen eventually was ruled ineligible by the NCAA and Rick Pitino, along with Tom Jurich, were fired for their second major scandal to happen under their watch within two years.

Bowen then transferred to South Carolina, but did not play a game there either.

Louisville has already been punished for their involvement in the Katina Powell scandal, having their 2013 NCAA title stripped from them, and the NCAA could still theoretically punish them even more for their involvement in the pay-for-play scheme with Adidas.