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Dontaie Allen opens up about his love for basketball and Kentucky

“I’m ready. This team is ready. Let’s get it.”

UK Athletics

In this week’s edition of “Meet the Wildcats,” we got to hear from Dontaie Allen about his basketball journey and what led him to playing for the Wildcats in Lexington.

Allen’s decision to play in Lexington came well before he was ever offered a scholarship, and apparently we have Anthony Davis and company to thank for Kentucky’s new in-state player.

Allen did not start playing basketball until he was in the third grade, and he quickly learned how hard he would have to work to be good at it. Thankfully, there was a team playing in Lexington that was both inspirational and motivational.

“I remember the 2012 team with Anthony Davis,” Allen said in the Meet the Wildcats video. “I would even go out in my backyard, and I would be like practicing shots they would shoot or the way Anthony Davis would block someone.”

That was a fantastic season, and it happened to take place at the exact same time that Allen was getting interested in the game of basketball. Not only did basketball become a passion of his at that time, but specifically the Kentucky Wildcats.

“To be’s so great and I’m blessed,” he continued. “To put on that Kentucky uniform for the first time, that’s going to be amazing. I’ve always wanted it, and I’m just ready.

“Big Blue Nation, I’m ready. This team is ready. Let’s get it.”

Allen has been very impressive in summer workouts, despite coming off of a season-ending knee injury last year. At this point, he seems to be the best shooter on the team. If that continues to be the case, he could be a major contributor early in his Kentucky career.

He would also quickly become a crowd favorite as an in-state player. Perhaps he could be out there inspiring the next generation of Kentucky players that will take the court in the next seven or either years.

Also, be sure to check out Allen’s interview with editor TJ Beisner on Behind Kentucky Basketball:

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