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University of Louisville trustee was prime “cash source” for stripper scandal

The saga continues.

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You guys remember the stripper scandal that happened at the University of Louisville four years ago, right? It was that whole thing involving Katina Powell. I’m sure you remember.

Today, courtesy of WDRB, news broke that former UofL board of trustees chairman J. David Grissom said under oath back in July, that former Louisville president James Ramsey told him that a University of Louisville trustee was involved in the stripper scandal and was the primary “cash source” for payments to said strippers, who were used for Louisville Cardinals basketball players and recruits.

James Ramsey’s lawyer denied the accusation, which came under oath I will remind you, that Grissom said in a July 26th deposition.

Grissom also allegedly refused to name said trustee that was involved in the stripper scandal, and eventually stated that Ramsey did not provide the name to Grissom.

Here is what James Ramsey’s lawyer, Steve Pence told WDRB:

“I can give you 100% assurance that that (information about the board member) did not come from Dr. Ramsey,” Pence told WDRB News.

Ramsey’s lawyer Steve Pence said Monday that Grissom’s story is “ridiculous” and merely an attempt to “justify (Grissom’s) behavior” in pursuing the baseless lawsuit against Ramsey.

As you can see, it is still a giant cloud over at the University of Louisville. It will be interesting to see if this latest revelation brings any new punishment from the NCAA since it’s unclear if they were aware of these payments when they handed out their initial punishment.

It could also affect the ongoing investigation into Louisville’s pay-for-play scheme involving Brian Bowen. That’s a separate investigation that the NCAA is still conducting. This latest news could be used to show a failure of compliance by the school and make it easier for the NCAA to hand down more punishment as a result of the Bowen scandal.