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How Vince Marrow has become a brilliant recruiter

The well respected Larry Vaught of Vaughts’ views explained how Marrow has become such an outstanding recruiter.

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It’s no secret that Kentucky Football’s recruiting game is better than ever. The Cats have landed top prospects that in the past probably never would’ve considered Kentucky.

Some of those prospects include wide receiver Lynn Bowden in 2017 who was ranked the 164th best prospect in America and has since become one of the faces of the program. Another is five-star Justin Rogers, who will be on campus next year. Rogers is ranked as the best prospect in the state of Michigan for 2020 by rivals.

Much of this recruiting success has become possible because of the outstanding work of recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow. Marrow has been at Kentucky since he followed good friend Mark Stoops to Lexington in 2012. He was named recruiting coordinator in 2013 and ever since the program has never had a decline in wins.

In an exclusive interview with Larry Vaught of Vaught’s Views, Marrow shared how he has become such a dominant recruiting force.

One of the ways Marrow has found success is finding players from the inner cities such as Louisville, Kentucky where Marrow has landed several prospects the last few seasons.

”My main thing is most kids we recruit are from inner cities, single mom, live with grandmother. I want to help change the direction of their life. Everybody is not going to play pro ball but I can help them get a degree and change their life.” Marrow told Vaught.

Not only has Marrow earned the respect of rival programs for his recruiting work but the parents of players.

Marrow is a big reason that Kentucky’s football program after years of mediocrity is starting to turn things around.

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