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N’Faly Dante update as recruitment nears the end

Dante is poised to move into the 2019 class and be a game-changer for whoever lands him.

Sunrise Christian Academy v NSU University School Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Now that August has arrived, we should get a decision from N’Faly Dante in the near future, both on where he’ll play college and in what class.

The five-star Class of 2020 center out of Kansas is attempting to get his academics in order so he can reclassify into 2019, where he’ll likely make a college decision between the Kentucky Wildcats and Oregon Ducks.

UK got some buzz over the weekend when Rivals analyst Eric Bossi made a prediction for the Wildcats. However, Oregon has gotten more buzz in the last few days, highlighted by a prediction from 247 Sports analyst Jerry Meyer.

With UK set to begin classes later this month, Dante doesn’t have much longer to make a decision if he wants to play in Lexington, where he took an official visit at the end of June.

Speaking of, Dante’s host mother, AJ Doyle, spoke with the Herald-Leader about the visit and what stood out to them.

“It was great to get to know the staff more and to get to know the team, as well,” Doyle said. “Dante is very relational, and so for him to get to know the people involved better is always a win. With a program like Kentucky, you know the accolades and you know the success they’ve had coming into it, but really getting to know the people is what the visit is all about.”

As for making a decision, Doyle admitted that one should be made in the near future.

“As far as timeline, we expect a decision really soon,” she said. “There isn’t a deadline, but we expect something really soon.”

Technically, there is a deadline if he wants to go to UK, where classes start on August 26. However, Oregon operates on the quarters system, so their next semester doesn’t begin until October 1. In theory, Dante could wait several more weeks if he wants to pick Oregon, though it’s hard to see him letting it drag out that long.

At this point, it seems to be anyone’s guess as to where Dante lands, but for now, I’m guessing Oregon.