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Sunday Quickies: LA Wildcats Edition

Former PeliCats reunite and remembering Jared Lorenzen.

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NBA: Chicago Bulls at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA landscape continued to shift yesterday as the fallout from Kawhi Leonard and Paul George joining forces with the Clippers continued to reverberate throughout the Association.

The Las Angeles Lakers didn’t sit idly by as their same-town rivals made big moves. Demarcus Cousins joined the Lakers and is now reunited with Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo.

Before Boogie went down with his Achilles injury, those three were making noise in the West and were on the verge of doing something with the Pelicans. Now they’re back together and this time LeBron James is with them.

Tweets of the Day

If Boogie is back to close to 100% this should be one of the most formidable trios in the NBA.


Writer shared Jared Lorenzen’s struggle | Lexington Herald Leader- Lorenzen’s struggles with weight were widely known and he didn’t try to shy away from conversations about it. It’s as big of a struggle as someone addicted to drugs trying to kick the habit.

John Calipari returns to UNC Wilmington | Cats Pause- Cal will be the keynote speaker for the basketball tip-off dinner.

Lorenzen’s obituary released | KSR- Take some time and read about the Kentucky legend.

Patrick Towles remembers Jared Lorenzen | Saturday’s Down South- Both were legends at Highlands and both were starting quarterbacks for the Wildcats. But their relationship went deeper than sports.

Assessing his former hero, then coach, then friend, Towles said, “All the records and stuff are awesome, all the nicknames are great, but I pray that the legacy he leaves is that the people … know what kind of man he was, what kind of joy he carried himself with, how positive he was, how he never allowed people to have a bad day. I hope that’s how people remember him, because that’s how I will remember him.”

Kawhi the latest star to spurn LeBron CBS- I mean... I guess?

Russell Westbrook weighing options | ESPN- Without Paul George, Westbrook has to assess whether or not he wants to stay in OKC or if he wants to try to make it work with another star. That hasn’t worked thus far.

John Daly refused request for cart | USA Today- Daly wanted permission to use a golf cart for the British Open but was denied.