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Brad Calipari talks about transfer, experience at UK and his fashion

“It’s something that I felt like I needed to do for myself.”

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Buffalo vs Kentucky Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a blast to watch Brad Calipari over the past few years. He hasn’t played very much, but he has been active on the bench and he has entertained us with many different fashion statements.

On Tuesday, his transfer became official, and he will now be playing basketball for Detroit Mercy.

While Brad has obvious ties to Kentucky, it was now time to go elsewhere and try to play. Again, the only game time he saw at UK was at the very end of blowouts, as the competition was extremely tough to get in the game when the score was close.

Now going to Detroit, Brad should be able to showcase his talents over the next couple of years. He recently jumped on the Locked On Kentucky Podcast with Curtis Burch to talk about the transfer, his experience with UK, his family and of course the fashion fiasco. You can listen to the episode here!

Here are some of the mane snippets from the interview:

When did you first start thinking about transferring?

“Mid May,” Calipari said. “It’s something that I felt like I needed to do for myself.”

What ultimately made him decide on Detroit?

“It was more of the long game. They have a lot of good guys and when I went up there we played well with each other.”

How does it feel to know that you have a coach who’s been to the final four and championship game?

“I felt really comfortable when I was meeting with him, that was the most important thing to me was having a relationship with the staff.”

When you see that stuff about the fashion, what even goes through your mind?

“Why are they so worried about what I’m wearing when there’s a whole basketball game going on that’s way more important than that clothes I have on,” Calipari said jokingly. “I don’t think that’s a big deal but obviously some people did.”

At one point in the season you were able to bet on Brad’s outfit. It was ridiculous but also hilarious so it’s good to see that Brad sees the humor in it.

Brad was even asked about his mother, Ellen’s, Instagram account. Here’s what he had to say about that:

“It’s awesome, I was actually shocked at how fast she was able to grow her following,” Calipari said. All she posts is about the roommate not taking out the trash and people love it.”

Big Blue Nation will miss seeing Brad on the sidelines but we will all be rooting for him as he moves on to this next step in his life. It really is a great interview and if you want to hear the whole thing, click this link!