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Kyle Macy says he doesn’t feel welcome at Kentucky anymore

That’s unfortunate.

Kentucky Wildcats great Kyle Macy is beloved by almost all Wildcats fans. But some comments he made recently about Coach Cal and the state of the Kentucky program might stir the pot amongst the fan base.

In an interview with Fox Sports 1260, Macy said that he was not as involved with the program as much as he used to be.

“I’m not as involved with the program as I used to be. There were times I could go to practice whenever I wanted and feel welcome, but I don’t know if that’s the case now. I don’t really have any desire to go there and go to practice.”

Part of the reason he doesn’t feel as welcome is because of some key differences with John Calipari and the fact that Macy thinks neutral site games are “ridiculous” and that the Kentucky-Indiana series should have never ended.

But Macy’s main gripe was with Calipari and putting his players in the NBA, rather than winning a National Championship. (Calipari has one title and four Final Four’s here at Kentucky).

“If you’re going to a university, ideally, it’s for an education. To me, the greatest day of the year in your school’s history is winning a national championship for your athletic program.”

What Macy was alluding to is Calipari’s now infamous “This is the greatest day in Kentucky basketball history” comment after the 2010 draft, in which Kentucky had five players taken in the first round, including No. 1 overall pick John Wall. It’s a comment that has fans on both sides, and then some, like myself, who are indifferent and just know that Cal says stuff like that all the time.

Macy also said that Kentucky should not be a “training ground” for the Pros, but rather the student-athletes should focus on school and winning National Titles.

“But it’s not like it should be a training ground for the pros. Granted, you go to college to get a better paying job, and that’s what’s happening with these kids.”

However, Macy did close by saying that he has gotten older and that times change and so do peoples’ opinions and he is still grateful for his opportunity to play for the University of Kentucky.

My two-cents? Macy’s interview reeks of a personal problem he has with Cal, which is sad, but things like this happen in college sports when it comes to the old generation vs. the new one.