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Thunder now hold top spot for most Wildcats on an NBA team

Do we have to be Thunder fans now?

NBA: All-Star Saturday Night Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder hold the top spot with four Wildcats that, as of now, will be on their opening day roster. However, as we’ve learned in the NBA, everything is up for imminent change at all times.

In a league-altering trade sending Paul George to Los Angeles, the Thunder acquired Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, putting them in the lead for most Wildcats. The Thunder also have Nerlens Noel, Hamidou Diallo, and Patrick Patterson.

The Thunder are closely followed the LA Lakers and Charlotte Hornets, who each have three.

The Lakers, who have been one of the most active teams in the NBA during the free agency period, snagged DeMarcus Cousins from the Warriors, traded for Anthony Davis and re-signed Rajon Rondo.

Now, for Big Blue Nation, the Lakers may be the NBA team of choice.

As for the Hornets, they have the right to Malik Monk, PJ Washington and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Ultimately, just seeing and thinking about the 20-plus players that are in the league and former Wildcats is mind-boggling.

While many hate on Big Blue Nation, it’s changed the lives of these players for the better, allowing them a pathway to the sport’s biggest stage. While individual success has been obtained by many of these players, team-wide success hasn’t.

A Calipari-coached NBA player still has yet to receive a ring. Could Anthony Davis and the LA Lakers be the first?

Top contenders like Philadelphia and the LA Clippers are without Wildcats, so we can’t hang our hopes there. Either way, it’s terrific to reflect on how many Wildcats have made it and continue to make it in the NBA.