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Tyrese Maxey gives his thoughts on UK life and the Wildcats

Maxey is building up the excitement level for next season.

High School Basketball: McDonald’s All American Games Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today has a very cool platform that allows current high school recruits to share their voice in a unique way.

One of those recruits is Tyrese Maxey. Now that he is officially enrolled at Kentucky, he had to write his final blog on the site. If you’d like to read it, go here.

In the piece, Tyrese talks about his experience graduating and then moving to Kentucky where he has already gotten involved in many different ways.

“It’s been great so far, I’ve just been playing pickup with the guys, working out, lifting and going around the community doing camps and community service that Coach Cal has us do.”

One of my favorite things about Coach Cal is his involvement within Lexington. To see that he has already encouraged this team to serve the community is awesome. It’s a great lesson for the players and the people here love the help.

Tyrese also touched on his biggest struggle with the adjustment.

“I think the biggest adjustment for me has been time management and going to the weight room. I didn’t go as often to lift when I was back home, but I go all the time now and I already see how much stronger it’s making me. I’m jumping higher and I feel like I’m more explosive.”

Tyrese came into Kentucky already being an athletic freak. Now, knowing that he’s rededicated himself to the gym, it will be interesting to see just how much it will improve his game.

One thing he wrote definitely caught my attention:

“I definitely feel like we’ll be strong next season; the thing that will surprise people is how good we’re gonna be defensively.”

It’s always hard to get young players to focus in on the defensive side, but Cal seems to find a way every season. This time, it looks like the guys are zoning in early on that side of the ball. Since the team is more experienced this year, this should come as no surprise.

It’s going to be fun watching Tyrese play. He seems like a really good guy and we’ve seen what he can do on the basketball court.