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Coach Cal says Nate Sestina coming off injury and Brad may stay at UK

Kentucky’s newest big man isn’t at full strength just yet.

Bucknell v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

With the Kentucky Wildcats returning to campus yesterday, head coach John Calipari met with the media Tuesday to discuss his new team.

Perhaps the most newsworthy comments from Coach Cal was injury news regarding graduate transfer Nate Sestina. Calipari told the media that Sestina is still recovering from a foot injury.

“Nate’s hurt. Just got out of the boot, so he hasn’t really run yet,” Calipari said.

Kyle Tucker added that Sestina has been in the boot for several weeks now:

Despite the injury, Calipari still has high expectations for the grad transfer.

“Expect good things from Nate,” said Calipari. “The way he scores the ball, stretches the defense. Athletic. He’s physically strong.”

Sestina joins incoming freshman Dontaie Allen as players with known injuries coming to campus. Allen tore his ACL back in January, then broke his collarbone in an April car crash, so he could redshirt the 2019-20 season.

In Sestina’s case, it seems like a minor injury and one that is luckily occurring now months before the season rather than when it’s time for the Cats to take the floor in game action.

Calipari also spoke about the status of his son, Brad Calipari, who is exploring a transfer.

“He is still walking through it,” Calipari said. “Do you blame him? All the work, he was in here three times yesterday working out. Do you blame him for wanting to play more and knowing who’s here?

“Has he gotten better? Absolutely he’s gotten better. But he’s, you know. So now he can look around.”

Calipari did make sure to note that it’s still a possibility that Brad returns to UK.

“He may end up coming back,” said the elder Calipari. “He’s in the lodge and all the stuff and in classes. He may come back.”

Whatever happens, it will hopefully be the best decision for Brad and his basketball future.