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Terrence Jones involved in PBA shenanigans

Comedy movie or real basketball? You be the judge.

NCAA Men’s Championship Game - Kansas v Kentucky Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Former Wildcat standout Terrence Jones currently plays overseas for the TNT KaTropa of the Philippine Basketball Association.

In a recent game, Jones was involved in a series of events that are straight out of a comedy movie.

The series of events, shared by Deadspin, start with Jones being pushed to the ground by Calvin Abueva of the Phoenix Pulse. Jones not liking this decides to hit Abueva in well the spot no man wants to be hit.

After Abueva takes his time to walk off the pain, play resumes, and things remain chippy. Abueva goes onto miss a shot, and Jones grabs the rebound. However, instead of running back on defense, Abueva decides to clothesline the former Kentucky star in the neck.

Abueva, to no surprise, was ejected from the game but decided to show off some dance moves on his way back to the locker room.

Yes, this really happened; it was not a movie.

See the video of all the craziness below:

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