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Enes Kanter takes a jab at Zion Williamson that angers Julius Randle

This is the second bit of shade thrown at Duke in as many days

Washington Post

Kentucky has now managed to throw shade at Duke for the second time this week.

Tuesday, it was John Calipari who took a cryptic shot at the Blue Devils on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Enes Kanter went on the Herd with Colin Cowherd Show and had some fairly jaw dropping comments about #1 draft pick Zion Williamson.

“I kinda feel like he’s overhyped.” Kanter said. “I feel like he is Julius Randle with hops.”

In fairness, Cowherd was definitely pushing the issue and Kanter was somewhat reluctant to respond at first. He also went on to say that he believes if Williamson puts in the work and develops a jump shot that he could be a hall of famer.

Nonetheless, a current NBA player going on national radio and saying that Zion Williamson is over hyped is sure to be a big story. Especially when the season rolls around and the two meet each other between the lines.

Julius Randle didn’t let Kanter slide by, reminding him on Twitter that he torched his team for 45 points the last time the two played.

It’s common knowledge that Ends Kanter speaks his mind and backs down from no-one. I personally didn’t really take the comments as disrespectful but give it a listen for yourself.

Do you think that describing someone as Julius Randle with hops is even a diss?