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Saturday Quickies: Kerry Blackshear’s Decision Looming Edition

Coaches feel good about Kerry Blackshear, Cards lose, Pat Riley is sick of Duke, and more!

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Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, Big Blue Nation. Hopefully this rain isn’t dampening your spirits too much. If it is, there’s some good news for you.

In one of the most closely guarded recruitments I’ve ever followed, there’s actual news and it may be coming to an end soon.

Kerry Blackshear, Jr. wrapped up his visit with Kentucky last week and he is now reportedly making his decision between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Tennessee Volunteers. Corey Evans has said that Blackshear will make his decision within the next week and that he thinks Kentucky is in a ‘great spot’ with him.

There’s no mistaking what a commitment from Blackshear would mean for Kentucky. It would mean that they are the deepest team in the country and they would be the hands down favorite to win the national title.

Fear not BBN, the wait is almost over.

Tweets of the Day

What a ridiculous human. Karma caught up with this gem of an athlete in the next inning.

Yeah this is waaaaaayyyy better than returning to Wisconsin for your sophomore season. Herro made the right decision coming to UK.

I liked the suit! And more from Pat Riley in a bit...


Kentucky continues draft dominance | Cats Pause- Kentucky now has had one player play for every NBA team during the Calipari era. That’s a crazy stat.

Pat Riley throws a hay-maker at Duke | KSR- Pat Riley doesn’t mince words when he talks about being sick of Duke:

“It’s not a coincidence anymore that we’re drafting all the Kentucky players,” Riley continued. “Getting rid of the Duke concept. So, that’s enough of that.”

Cosigned: Every American.

Jeremiah Holloman dismissed from Georgia football team | Saturdays Down South- The Dawgs will be without their top wide receiver for the 2019 season. Holloman was dismissed following the results of an assault charge. Kirby Smart was emphatic that the WR will no longer be a part of the UGA family.

Cards blow lead, out of the College World Series | WDRB- After Luke Smith taunted a Vanderbilt batter after striking him out, the Cards pitcher then blew the lead and looked like a complete jackass. Hate to see it.

Six undrafted players that will make NBA teams pay | CBS- Who will be the surprise player out of the 2019 draft? Here are six good candidates.

Shaq would build team around Bol Bol, not Zion | USA Today- All due respect to Diesel but he’s crazy. Although I’m not a big proponent of Zion Williamson being a big star in the NBA, I’m even less so of Bol Bol making any impact whatsoever. He’s injured and guys his size have a bad history of foot and knee issues. Plus the reports about Bol Bol’s work ethic and all around demeanor aren’t glowing.