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BJ Boston and Daishen Nix talk about teaming up in college

The two have great chemistry already, and they would be fun to watch in Lexington.

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The NBPA Top 100 Camp took place this past week in Virginia, and a big talking point was the showing of 2020 guards BJ Boston and Daishen Nix.

Jack Pilgrim of Kentucky Sports Radio found out how they enjoyed their time as teammates this week. The two were standouts at the cap, and their chemistry was unbelievable from the start. Nix is a pass first point guard, while Boston is a great scorer, so the two were a great match.

“Our chemistry is developing really good, he’s a pass-first point guard,” Boston said on Thursday afternoon. “I really like that when I’m playing. We connected from the time we first stepped on the court together this week.”

“We’ve got really good chemistry,” Nix added. “He’s a really cool guy, he’s down to earth. He’s really funny too, that’s what a lot of people don’t know about him.”

Currently, the Kentucky Wildcats are the favorite to land Boston for the 2020 season with the Cats having 83% of the predictions at 247 Sports.

Boston is also considering the Auburn Tigers, Duke Blue Devils, and Florida Gators.

However, Nix’s recruitment isn’t that simple.

Nix has some offers already from the big-name schools like Kansas. However, he has yet to receive the official offer from Kentucky.

Kentucky assistant Joel Justus has been out to visit Nix at his high school, and it was obvious that it stood out to Nix.

Nix and Boston were were both asked about playing together at the college level, and they both seemed to like that idea.

“Yeah, it’d definitely be something like that,” Nix said of the comparison. “I can be like Tyler Ulis, pass it to him. I’m a pass-first point guard, so I would make sure he scores. That’s what he wants.”

Boston had the same mindset.

“It’s up to him, I don’t know where I want to go right now. I probably won’t be making my decision until later,” the elite shooting guard said. “But for me, I need a passer to join me where I decide to go to school.”

The question that remains is if we will see them team up.

“Hopefully,” Nix said. “I’m not sure yet, but hopefully.”

And hopefully, we do see the two team up, but in Lexington. They would be a very fun backcourt to watch throughout the season.

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