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SEC lifts ban on alcohol sales


The Great Gatsby

Alcohol is finally (and legally) coming to SEC games this fall.

Historically, alcohol has been prohibited from stadiums within the SEC, though that doesn’t stop people for sneaking in drinks for gameday, which is why the only thing this ban has really accomplished is preventing stadiums from making money selling alcohol while people just sneak it in anyway.

Now, the SEC is allowing stadiums to sell alcohol starting this fall, according to Ross Dellenger.

As Dellenger notes, only beer and wine may be served, and sales must stop by the end of the third quarter in football and at the under 12-minute timeout in men’s basketball games.

This week, SEC school presidents, chancellors, and athletic directors met at that the Sandestin Hilton Hotel and Resort, where they’ve been discussing and ultimately voting on the issue.

But even with this ban being lifted, officials at each school still have the ability to decide if they want to do it and how they want to do it.

So, the University of Kentucky isn’t a lock by any means to begin allowing alcohol sales this fall, though you’d have to think all of the league’s schools will eventually allow it.