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Juzang has the pedigree to fit right in at a place like Kentucky

In an interview with the Courier-Journal, Juzang’s high school coach broke down his work ethic and NBA dreams

All indications seem to paint the picture of Johnny Juzang being a great fit at Kentucky. In an interview with the Courier-Journal’s Jon Hale, Juzang’s Harvard Westlake High School coach, David Rebibo, took the time to detail just what kind of player someone will be getting next season.

“He’s definitely driven by his goals, those goals motivate him to sacrifice when necessary, which is extremely impressive.” Rebibo told the Courier-Journal.

Comments like that sure seem to bode well for Kentucky, a program that is built on personal sacrifice for the greater good. Even a talent player like Juzang has to understand that it will take some time to get up to speed no matter which of his top 4 schools he chooses.

Juzang recently released his list of top schools that included Kentucky, Oregon, Kansas, and Virginia. Most seem to believe that the UK and UVA have the best chance at signing Juzang, who just announced his reclassification into the class of 2019.

“It’s his dream to play in the NBA, obviously, Kentucky is a major barometer for where you’re at.” Rebibo told Jon Hale on Monday. “If somebody thinks you’re good enough for the NBA usually Kentucky is involved in some capacity since they’ve done such a great job developing and nurturing those one-and-dones and two-and-dones, so I think for him it hopefully (the offer) validated all of his work and showed him he is on that level and gave him the believe, ‘Hey, I know I can do this.”

Again, comments like those sound quite promising for the Cats who could really use a proven scorer like Juzang next season. His length and play-making ability would be a great addition for scoring depth on next year’s team.

The experts are leaning towards Johnny Juzang siding with John Calipari and ultimately becoming a Wildcat. Nearly every picked logged in 247 sports crystal ball is in favor of Kentucky.

This has been a wild spring of recruiting and moving pieces. Could Juzang be the final piece to puzzle?

Comment on what role you think Juzang would play on next year’s roster.