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Monday Quickies: Memorial Day 2019 Edition

Have a great Memorial Day, BBN.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Big Blue Nation.

I hope you are all having a great three day weekend. Hopefully you’ve attended a cookout, or have visited the pool, or spent some time out on the water somewhere.

Whatever you’re doing for recreation, remember what this day is all about and take some time out to say “Thank You” to a member of the service if you can.

Tweets of the Day

That’s choice A all day.

Amen, Oscar.


Joel Justus talks recruiting philosophy | Cats Pause- It’s not just athleticism and talent that the UK coaches are looking for in players. There are certain mental attributes that are essential to becoming a Kentucky Wildcat basketball player.

RJ Hampton to announce decision on Tuesday | USA Today- The elite guard reclassified to the 2019 class in order to get to the NBA sooner. After initially having UK as a finalist, Hampton just cut the Cats because of the number of guards already on the roster. Kansas seems like the choice.

Dan Gilbert hospitalized | ESPN- The Cavs owner was experiencing stroke like symptoms. All indications are that he is OK.

The Ravens failed to tell QB they are changing the offense | CBS- The Ravens shipped Joe Flacco to Denver and they put all their eggs in the Lamar Jackson basket. So it’s baffling that the coaching staff failed to inform him that they’re installing a new offense.

Green Bay legend Bart Starr dead at 85 | CNN- Starr was a HOF QB for the Green Bay Packers from the 50’s to the 70’s. He won five NFL Championships and won the first two Super Bowls. He helped make the NFL the most popular league in America.

What to expect with Warriors vs. Raptors | Sporting News- Will Kevin Durant play? Will DeMarcus Cousins play? Does Kawhi Leonard have enough help?