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Kentucky holds No. 2 spot in final recruiting rankings

Calipari may not even be finished with the class.

Kansas v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We know that recruiting rankings come from a great deal of subjectivity.

Those rating the players have their own preferences and judgements, and sometimes their own agendas. That’s why something like the Recruiting Services Consensus Index (RSCI) is necessary. RSCI is a group that compiles all basketball recruiting ranking to come up with a consensus ranking for each prospect.

The system developed by RSCI takes into account the rankings across all platforms and re-ranks each class based on all of the available assessment data. For the upcoming year, the Kentucky Wildcats currently have the No. 2 class in the country.

RSCI Rankings

  1. Memphis Tigers (349 points)
  2. Kentucky Wildcats (334 points)
  3. Duke Blue Devils (329 points)
  4. Arizona Wildcats (291 points)
  5. Villanova Wildcats (254 points)
  6. Florida Gators (226 points)
  7. Washington Huskies (216 points)
  8. USC Trojans (212 points)
  9. North Carolina Tar Heels (207 points)
  10. Ohio State Buckeyes (184 points)

While this does closely mirror many of the other lists you will find, there are subtle differences that will show this ranking system to be the most reliable. The folks at RSCI also commented on each of the top five classes.

Coach Cal proves his recruiting prowess bringing in the #2 class overall for the second year in a row. This group would be even higher if Allen hadn’t blown out a knee early in the season, which resulted in a hit to his rankings due to being “out of sight, out of mind.”

As you can see, there is a big drop-off in points after the No. 3 slot. So the top three schools on this list have significantly better classes than those below them.

As we have said here before, the 2019 class may not be done. Depending on the decisions that EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards make, John Calipari may be looking for a player to reclassify and join the 2019 class. If that happens, Kentucky very well may jump Memphis and have the consensus No. 1 overall class.