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EJ Montgomery is training with Tony Delk

Montgomery is training with a Kentucky national champion.

Tony Delk

As of now, EJ Montgomery still has his name in the NBA Draft, and it appears he’s working hard to assure it stays there.

During the draft process, former Wildcat Tony Delk posted a picture with the Kentucky Wildcats forward during a recent workout.

Delk played for Kentucky from 1992-1996 winning the 1996 national championship under Rick Pitino, and later went onto be a first-round selection of the Charlotte Hornets.

As for Montgomery, he recently appeared to work out with the San Antonio Spurs after posing an Instagram story in San Antonio recently.

So far, Montgomery has yet to see his name in any mock drafts as none of the significant mocks from ESPN, CBS Sports or other sites have had his name listed in either the first two rounds.

It appears, however, that Montgomery is working hard to keep his name in the draft and realize his dream of playing in the NBA sooner rather than later.