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NCAA ready to take next step following corruption trials

There will be new NOAs coming soon to schools involved.

Northwestern v Vanderbilt Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The scandals surrounding college basketball have dominated the discussion off the court, and allegations seem to be on the horizon.

This comes from an article by ESPN Senior Writer Heather Dinich that quotes the NCAA’s VP of Division I Governance Kevin Lennon as saying that notices of allegations, “will be coming.”

With the federal cases closed, the NCAA is now in a position to step in and impose themselves.

“You don’t get in the way of a federal investigation. Now that the court cases are done, now we’re in a position where you’re likely to see notices of allegations going to institutions that have violated NCAA rules, etc.,” said Lennon.

As far as when we can expect these notices to be served, Lennon said, “in due time and I think fairly quickly.” Even without a date or timetable, it’s safe to say they’re right around the corner.

Among the schools who’ve been involved in these scandals include the Louisville Cardinals, Kansas Jayhawks, Arizona Wildcats, LSU Tigers and TCU Horned Frogs.

While the FBI has worked their own case, the NCAA has tried to complete their own investigations as well, including requests for any documents that had been subpoenaed as well as conducting multiple interviews.

Following a meeting regarding previous changes and new ones to come, Knight Commission co-chair Carol A. Cartwright said, “In our view, the NCAA stepped up and we see real impact.”

As far as the decisions schools could make themselves, Cartwright said it’s the obligation of the school’s to “send those strong signals because tone at the top really matters.” Lennon added that schools and their respective programs have the jurisdiction to make their own decisions founded on their own information and without NCAA opinion.

It doesn’t matter whether these notices and punishments come from the universities themselves or the NCAA. Either way, they’re coming and any guilty parties can expect penalties and sanctions that are both stiff and steep.