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Recruiting analyst believes McDaniels is torn between UK and Washington

As the wait for an announcement continues, it looks like Jaden still hasn’t made a decision.

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For a while now, we have been on watch to see where Jaden McDaniels decides to go play college ball at.

Over the last week, we have seen the Kentucky Wildcats gain all the momentum, and rumors that he had already signed his letter of intent with the Cats start swirling around.

But later in the week, we saw Evan Daniels change his prediction from Kentucky to undecided, then making his new prediction for the Washington Huskies as they’re getting all the momentum.

This entire recruitment has been strange, and I don’t think anyone truly knows what he is going to do, including Jaden himself.

Eric Bossi has an article on Rivals where he discusses some of the top recruits in the country, and McDaniels is one of them.

He claims that McDaniels is still torn on what he wants to do.

“I still feel confident that McDaniels is torn between Kentucky and Washington (his other finalists are San Diego State, Texas and UCLA) and it’s really close. We are likely going to hear his decision soon. But for now, exactly when the skilled forward will make a decision is anybody’s guess.”

Like I said, I don’t think anyone truly knows what he is going to do, and no one knows when a decision is going to come.

For now, we will all just have to stay on “Jaden Watch” and see if he will end up picking to Cats.

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