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What led to Tyler Herro’s decision to stay in the NBA Draft?

It seems pretty obvious that he made the right call.

Auburn v Kentucky Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tyler Herro could have gone to college just about anywhere he wanted.

Herro almost stayed home to play for the Wisconsin Badgers to be the hometown hero. Would he have made it to the NBA going that route?

Possibly. But he knew his best shot was moving to Lexington.

“Since the day I stepped on campus for the first time, he just taught me and the rest of my teammates how to be pros, and how to go about everything professionally,” Herro told the Herald-Leader. “Just do things on time. Be a grown man. Obviously, (I’m) stepping into a grown man’s world.”

The expectation that Herro would be a one-and-done player was not very prevalent upon his arrival. He was thought of as a potential four-year player. But by the time SEC play rolled around, it started to become clear that his time with the Kentucky Wildcats would be short-lived.

Now that his entry for the NBA Draft is set in stone, Herro has opened up about his decision to leave early for the pros.

“Coach Cal just wanted to get as much feedback as possible for me,” Herro said of his original draft announcement. “I pretty much told them … I was pretty much leaving no matter what. But he said, ‘Just leave it open. I’ll get the right feedback for you.’ And he got what I wanted to hear.”

What was it that he wanted to hear? That he would be a “top-20 pick,” according to Herro.

Based on all current mock drafts, that feedback seems to be accurate. His ability to shoot, take care of the ball, and make plays will make him a nice commodity in the middle of the first round. His underestimated ability to play defense and his high basketball IQ may allow him to sneak into the lottery.

While Big Blue Nation would have loved to have Tyler Herro back for another season, he is absolutely making the right decision in leaving for the NBA. Now the best thing Kentucky fans can do is wish him luck and be ready to cheer him on at the next level.

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