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College football could be getting injury reports

This could be a game-change for college football.

Snell Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

It appears that the 2019 NCAA football season could become the first to include player injury reports prior to games.

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd reports a pilot program will be proposed later this month.

Specifically, players would be deemed “available,” “possible” or “unavailable.” While the players’ statuses could potentially be released, their specific injuries (body parts/illnesses) could remain undisclosed.

This notion comes via many reasons, but increasing the transparency of sports betting certainly stands out. As sports betting continues its upward spiral, having further clarity on the status of a player(s) absolutely impacts how sports lines are set/moved as well as bet on.

One instance that resurfaced from last season was mixed reports of Benny Snell Jr. having flu-like symptoms before Kentucky faced Central Michigan, and it looked like there was recall chance he wouldn’t play. Snell played marvelously throughout the afternoon and didn’t appear to be under the weather, though we will never truly know.

With the possibility of this new rule, though, his status will at least be required to be released.

There are many parties that this rule will affect, but providing more clarity on player availability is an obvious plus for the sport.