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Pelicans may be unwilling to trade Anthony Davis to Lakers

There are mixed reports on whether the Pelicans would trade Davis to the Lakers to team up with LeBron James.

New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Anthony Davis wants to get away from the New Orleans Pelicans and find himself a new home in the NBA.

However, with their recent win in the NBA Lottery and the ability to pick up Zion Williamson and have him matched up with Davis, the Pelicans should be down on their knees begging him to stay, as that could be a lethal combination for the future of the franchise.

One thing that definitely should be kept out of the headlines right now are rumors about what the team is willing to and not willing to do in regards to Davis, which is simply not the case.

Right now, as trade rumors are swirling about the Pelicans and the Lakers, mixed signals are being sent about whether or not the Pelicans owner, Gayle Benson, is for or against trading Davis to the Lakers.

Not really a recipe for convincing the guy he should stay with the franchise another season…

According to Jackie MacMullan, there is a rumored “scuttlebutt” that owner Gayle Benson will only trade Davis to the Lakers “over her dead body.” Meaning, there is no way she is going to send Davis to the Lakers, if this rumor is true.

However, shortly after this rumor emerged, WDSU’s Fletcher Mackel spoke to Benson, and she claimed these rumors would “totally absurd” and “completely untrue.”

There is no telling what is really going on in Benson’s mind in regards to Davis and the rumored trades, but one thing is for sure, if I was trying to convince a guy to stay with my franchise, this isn’t the post season scenario I’d want to be in.