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NBA Mock Draft roundup for the Wildcats

Several mock drafts have PJ projected as a lottery pick.

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Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

The NBA Draft order is set following the lottery results on Tuesday.

The New Orleans Pelicans will be picking No. 1 overall, but it appears Anthony Davis is still set on being traded sooner rather than later.

What about former Kentucky Wildcats set to hear their names called in this year’s draft?

The latest round of mock drafts has PJ Washington, Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro scattered across the first round, with Washington consistently going first among the three.

Sports Illustrated has Washington landing with the Boston Celtics at 14th overall, as does The Athletic has him going 13th to the Miami Heat. The Ringer pegged Washington to the Celtics with the 22nd pick. Boston has three first-round picks (14, 20, 22), so it’s possible we see two former Cats land with the Celtics.

For Johnson, Sports illustrated has him going 23rd to the Utah Jazz. The Athletic has him going 20th to Boston. The Ringer has Johnson going 21st to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As for Herro, Sports Illustrated pegged him to the Indiana Pacers with the 18th pick, while The Athletic has him going 16th to the Magic. The Ringer has Herro landing with the Philadelphia 76ers at 24th overall.

ESPN also updated their mock draft, but it’s mostly the same as their previous projection, as Washington goes 12th to the Hornets, Herro goes 16th to the Magic, and Johnson goes 22nd to the Celtics.

Where would you like to see each of these three Wildcats land in the draft?