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Wednesday Quickies: Jaden McDaniels Decision Day (?) Edition

The buzz is that McDaniels will decide today, which may not be a good sign for Kentucky.

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The Jaden McDaniels recruitment has been among the quietest in recent history for a major prospect, but buzz is swirling that today could be the final day of that recruitment.

Many folks, including McDaniels’ high school coach, believe he will announce a decision at some point today, but there’s been no official notice from McDaniels or his inner circle on when his decision will come.

An announcement today would most likely lean toward Washington, as most recruiting experts believe he now leans toward staying home to play for the Huskies. For Kentucky, it seems the plan is to hope that McDaniels delays the announcement with the belief they can flip him (again) toward leaving the west coast for Lexington.

We don’t know for sure, so be on the lookout today. If it does come out that McDaniels is making an announcement today, don’t get too optimistic that he will be a Wildcat in 2019-2020.

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