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McDaniels’ high school coach thinks he could decide Wednesday

Evan Daniels also explains why he changed his prediction.

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The roller-coaster recruitment of Jaden McDaniels recently took a turn that most Kentucky fans didn’t want to see.

Monday night saw Evan Daniels of 247 Sports change his prediction from Kentucky to undecided. This sent the BBN into a frenzy and everyone wanted to know why he changed it and if it meant Kentucky was going to miss out on McDaniels.

Just this morning, Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio had Evan Daniels on the morning radio show to discuss why he changed his pick.

Daniels didn’t say much about specifics but noted he heard new information that made him change it.

No one knows when McDaniels will make his final decision, but Daniels said, “If Jaden McDaniels had to pick today, I think he would pick Washington, but he’s changed his mind before.”

With the way Daniels talked, it sounds like the longer Jaden waits, the better it is for Kentucky.

However, rumors have been going around that we could get an announcement by Wednesday which would make the signs point to him picking the Washington Huskies.

Todd Milles has an article on Scorebook Live Washington, where he talks to McDaniels’ high school coach about his recruitment and when he thinks a decision will come.

“To be honest, I do not really know,” Reed said. “He literally does not like talking about it”

However, according to Milles, Reed noted that, “he thinks some news will come down Wednesday concerning McDaniels’ next-chapter decision”.

Coupled with Daniels’ thoughts, a Wednesday decision would seemingly bode well for Washington. But this recruitment has been very quiet to say the least, so I believe it is very hard to be confident in any prediction.

I know how much the BBN likes to follow recruiting and keep up with the recruits, and McDaniels’ coach said that he believes his announcement will come from social media and not in a big press conference.

“He is not that type of guy,” Reed said. “He does not want that attention”

So, if you want to keep an eye out for an announcement from Jaden over the next day or two then, you can check his Twitter and his Instagram.

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