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Sunday Quickies: What a boring match-up Edition

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Michigan State vs Texas Tech Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t think we could have gotten a more boring Final Four if we had tried.

Congrats to the Virginia Cavaliers and the Texas Tech Red Raiders for advancing to the national title game. But the lack of personality in this game is only dwarfed by the way each team approaches the game of basketball. In a word: brutal.

People may not want to hear this but this game isn’t good for college basketball. Yeah, I know the sportswriters are falling all over each other to write the next Tony Bennett love letter, but people aren’t going to tune into this game.

Neither Virginia nor Texas Tech have large fan bases. And most of the casual college basketball viewers aren’t going to tune in because there aren’t any stars. No John Calipari. No Zion Williamson. No Bruce pearl. No Coby White.

It’s Chris Beard and Kyle Guy. Snore.

In the end I guess I’ll root for Tech because they’ve never been here before and I can’t stand the ACC. At least it would be a cool story about Chris Beard if he can complete the process.

But the last thing we need is more articles about how Tony Bennett does it the right way. I’ll pass.

Tweets of the Day

What a brutal missed call.

An absolute classic!

This is the same Dan Wolken that called Cal’s latest tournament loss a “stink bomb”. Yet here he is defending Izzo for essentially the same thing. Weird.

True story: I woke up this morning and was excited that the Game of Thrones season finale was finally here. Once I realized it was still a week away I almost went back to bed.


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