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Dontaie Allen suffers broken collarbone

Allen is already recovering from a torn ACL.



You can read more about the wreck at the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Kentucky signee Dontaie Allen will be on the shelf a little longer than anticipated due to another injury.

According to KSR, Allen was in a vehicle accident that broke his collarbone, although it could have been more severe than it initially was.

It should not present any problems for Allen long-term, as collarbone injuries are somewhat common, and most of the time, athletes seem to make a full recovery (Packers QB Aaron Rodgers recently went through this).

Collarbone injuries typically take four months to fully heal and re-gain strength in it. So Allen will have to rehab both his injured knee and his broken collarbone to get ready for the upcoming season. Thankfully, that’s still over six months away.

Allen missed the majority of his senior season at Pendleton Co. due to a torn ACL after only playing 13 games. Allen won Kentucky Mr. Basketball.

Allen still has no plans to redshirt his freshman season at Kentucky and still plans to be a contributor for 2019-2020 Kentucky Wildcats squad.