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You can now bet on Rick Pitino and John Calipari becoming the next coach of the Lakers

There may be some money to be made here.

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With the Los Angeles Lakers out of the playoffs despite having LeBron James on the roster, many believe that Luke Walton is coaching on borrowed time. The wise guys in Las Vegas believe this so strongly, in fact, that you can now bet on Walton’s replacement.

Both Rick Pitino and John Calipari appear on the list of possible candidates for the position. However, after Cal’s lifetime contract is inked, they should probably change the odds of him taking the gig. Pitino is listed at 50/1 and Calipari comes in at 60/1. So if you believe Pitino has a chance at the job, that could be quite the return on your investment.

There are some very interesting names on the list. The favorite is Juwan Howard at 4/1, who was been an assistant with the Miami Heat for six seasons.

Luke Walton has 7/1 odds to keep his job, which has to be encouraging for him. Becky Hammon has a 25/1 shot at becoming the first female NBA head coach of all time.

From the college ranks, the hottest name in college basketball, Chris Beard, has a 60/1 shot to land the gig, as do Jay Wright, Bill Self, and Matt Painter. Mike Krzyzewski and Tom Izzo are both listed at 100/1,

You can even wager on LeBron James serving as player/coach at 500/1, which is just as likely as LaVar Ball getting the job, also at 500/1.

If Walton is not retained, this will be potentially the biggest NBA opening in decades. If you combine LeBron with L.A. and the storied history of the Lakers, this may be the most coveted job in sports history.

Where would you put your money if you bet on this search?