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RJ Hampton may not make reclassification decision before August

That’s a bold move.

USA Basketball

RJ Hampton is a top five player in the 2020 recruiting class by most major outlets. He is a point guard that can also score off the ball. He has amazing athleticism and will make an immediate impact on whichever program he chooses.

Hampton has publicly floated the idea that he may reclassify and join the 2019 class. At USA Basketball’s NBA Academy, he recently told Rivals that he would like to finish his summer AAU season before making a decision. That would mean that Hampton may not choose his class, or his school, before August.

He openly discussed the fact that he is actively watching the point guard landscape among the last four schools on his list: Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, and Memphis. Kentucky’s Ashton Hagans will certainly be returning to school for his sophomore campaign, and it looks as though Duke’s Tre Jones and Kansas’ Devon Dotson will do so as well. I am sure Memphis has a point guard, but I doubt Hampton is as worried about that.

Hampton has said he is open to playing with another elite point guard, so it is difficult to assess what exactly he is looking for in a back court situation. Would he like to play alongside Hagans or Jones? Or would he rather go to Memphis where he will have the ball in his hands a lot more?

An August commitment would be very late, but not unheard of. Marvin Bagley did the exact same thing in August of 2017, reclassifying and picking Duke just a few weeks before the fall semester began. Kentucky’s latest commitment in recent years was Jamal Murray, who chose Kentucky in late June.

You can see Hampton’s entire interview with Rivals below, where he discusses his timeline and reclassification status.