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Seth Greenberg thinks PJ Washington returns this weekend

Kentucky’s Final Four hopes lie within PJ’s foot.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Could ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg be onto something on the return of Wildcat All-American PJ Washington and his injured foot?

While in discussion with fellow ESPN analyst Dan Dakich about the Kentucky Wildcats vs. Houston Cougars Sweet 16 matchup on their ESPN podcast “Courtside,” Greenberg said he is of the belief that Washington will play against the Cougars in Kansas City.

“I think that they get PJ back, which now all the sudden, not only can he score on the block, he can play on the high post-”, Greenberg said.

“Are you announcing they got him back? Or what are you saying?” Dakich asked Greenberg.

“I’m saying that my gut feeling is that he will make an appearance in the game next week,” Greenberg replied.

“So that means Cal just texted you?” Dakish retorted in his usual smart-alec candor.

“No, no, no, no. I haven’t talked to Cal about that. But I talked to some other people. So I think he comes back,” Greenberg stated.

You can listen to the entire show here.

Much of the national speculation as of late has been that PJ looks unlikely to play this week, so it’s good to see someone actually think he plays.

It goes without that if Washington is able to play for the Cats, the chances for UK to advance beyond the Sweet 16 improve.

No matter what you hear, we all should play it safe and assume nothing until either Calipari announces something, or we get to Friday and PJ still hasn’t returned to practice. We’ll hopefully see him on the court when the Wildcats on the floor against the Cougars Friday night, which may be the first time we know PJ’s status for certain for the Sweet 16.

Do you think PJ will play in Kansas City this weekend?