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You can now bet on Brad Calipari’s outfit for the Sweet 16

It’s a drip bet.


I am not here to either endorse or condemn betting on sports, but simply to inform you of an opportunity.

Not only can you bet on whether or not Kentucky will win on Friday, whether they will cover the 2.5 point spread, and how far they will go in the tournament, but you can now place a wager on Brad Calipari’s attire.

Bovada has released the odds of several out fit options for what Brad will wear on Friday when the Kentucky Wildcats take on the Houston Cougars. You can bet on him wearing a turtleneck with a sports jacket, a white suit, or a suit with a bolo tie. Depending on how confident you are in predicting how the youngest Calipari dresses, you could win yourself a lot of money.

  • Turtleneck with a sports jacket +400, Any other outfit -600
  • White suit +600, Any other outfit -1000
  • Suit with a bolo tie +600, Any other outfit -1000

For those of you that are unfamiliar with betting money lines, this is actually pretty simple. If you choose to wager on the turtleneck and sport jacket bet and you chose that option, you could win $400 if you bet $100. So it’s basically 4/1 odds. If you took the “any other outfit” option on that bet, you would have to bet $600 to win $100.

So the favorite in the clubhouse is the turtleneck with a sports jacket, as the odds jump up to 6/1 for either other option. Of course, the safest bet is “any other outfit” for any of these options. However, there is not much money (or fun) in that.

Do you care what Brad wears on Friday? If you had to place a bet, where would you put your money?