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Kentucky players serve food to homeless man

An outstanding act of kindness from some of the Wildcats.

UK Athletics

With the NCAA Tournament in full swing, no one is busier than the athletes competing to bring their school a national championship.

However, that did not stop some of the Kentucky Wildcats from doing an incredible act of kindness on the streets of Lexington today.

An Instagram live video found by Tyler Thompson of Kentucky Sports Radio on Ashton Hagans Instagram account shows the point guard and a group of players that looked to include Tyler Herro, EJ Montgomery, Immanuel Quickley, and Keldon Johnson giving a homeless man a pizza.

This is an excellent reflection of John Calipari who for years has preached about the importance of community service and giving to those who have less.

In the Bahamas, this past summer Calipari organized his team to clean the feet of needy children and provide them with a pair of sneakers.

Cleary that taught his team a big lesson. To watch the video, check out Hagans’ Instagram page.