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Attorney claims to have bombshell on Nike, then gets arrested


Nike Reports Quarterly Earnings Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When the FBI was involved in a probe of college basketball through the Adidas brand, it shocked everyone around the sport.

Multiple teams and players were identified, whether or not their program was even represented by Adidas at the time, and many individuals were arrested on corruption and fraud charges in connection to the scandal.

It was and still is a stain on the game and the NCAA, but there may be information on a new scandal involving Nike. Earlier today on Twitter, Michael Avenatti, most recently known for being the attorney of Stormy Daniels, tweeted out that there will be a press conference held tomorrow morning regarding a scandal involving the Nike brand on the high school and college basketball levels.

He says that it involves, “some of the biggest names in college basketball,” and that it, “reaches the highest levels of Nike.”

That ‘could’ have had serious implications all across the landscape of college basketball, as Nike represents some of the biggest programs in college basketball, including the Duke Blue Devils, North Carolina Tar Heels (Jordan Brand), Virginia Cavaliers, Michigan State Spartans, Tennessee Volunteers, Kentucky Wildcats and many more.

However, multiple media reports are coming out that Avenatti has now been arrested for trying to extort Nike for million of dollars.

Needless to say, we will all have to wait and see if anything actually ever comes of this, as it looks like whatever ‘dirt’ Avenatti had is not going to be uncovered, if it ever even existed at all.

Just another day in college sports.