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Wildcat fans allow TV to watch Kentucky game during their wedding

Talk about dedication.

Chris Humphrey - Sea of Blue

If there’s anyone doubting that the Big Blue Nation isn’t the most dedicated fan base in college basketball, they need to think again.

A wedding is typically an event that pushes everything else going on to the side.

However, for Kentucky fans in the month of March, it’s hard to keep on task with the things that are probably more important in life.

The entire Big Blue Nation is invested in cheering on their Kentucky Wildcats to another national championship. Clearly, even one’s wedding wasn’t going to stop that.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio shared this video of a couple allowing TV’s to play in the middle of their wedding ceremony.

If this isn’t dedication than what is?

A day that the couple and many members in attendance will never forget will forever be talked about the wedding that had a Kentucky Basketball game playing during the ceremony.

This is what March Madness fandom looks like in the Bluegrass.